Withdrawing money from a member’s account is an important part of investing and playing online games. If you are a member of Milyon88 and want to withdraw Milyon88 money from your account, you are facing a straightforward process. Please refer to our article if you do not know how to perform the operations.

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  • Transaction time at Milyon88 is quick
  • Diverse ways to withdraw money at Milyon88
  • Direct transactions through local banks
  • Milyon88 withdrawal procedure is simple

Withdrawing money from your game account after winning a bet is a simple and easy process. However, to do this, you need to follow the correct withdrawal steps at Milyon88 to ensure safety and accuracy. Below are the steps to quickly withdraw Milyon88 money:

Step 1: Visit the Milyon88 withdrawal homepage
First, visit the Milyon88 withdrawal homepage via a reputable link to start your withdrawal process. Players should only participate in betting on links that have a full origin as well as official information to ensure safety.
milyon88 withdrawal
Step 2: Add withdrawal password
After accessing the withdrawal page, you need to click on the “Withdrawal” button and add a new withdrawal password. Please protect this password to prevent thieves from accessing members’ accounts and withdrawing money from their wallets. The withdrawal password can be changed according to the user’s wishes. If you forget this code, please contact bookmaker Milyon88 for support.
Step 3: Link bank card
Linking a bank card is the most important step to quickly withdraw money from Milyon88 to your account. You need to enter full card information that matches the full name that was declared during previous registration. If the information entered is incorrect, the member will not be able to withdraw funds and will need to contact customer service to resolve this issue.
milyon88 withdrawal
milyon88 withdrawal
To link your bank to your account, you can click on the instruction link above or you can follow these steps:
Click the “Add bank card” button and fill in all information
Account owner name: The account owner’s name should match the player’s name registered at Milyon88 to ensure it is the owner.
Choose bank name: Choose the name of the bank you are using.
Account number: Enter your exact bank account number.
Account name: The system will automatically enter your current account name.
Withdrawal password: Enter here your withdrawal password created in step 2.
After completing the above steps, click “Send” so that the system will automatically remember this user’s account. From the next withdrawal, the amount will be returned to the bank account you linked.
Step 4: Make a withdrawal order for Milyon88
After completing the bank information link, you will proceed to make a Milyon88 withdrawal order by filling in the following information:
Choose to withdraw money to your bank card.
Current balance: fill in the exact remaining balance in the betting account.
Withdrawal amount: Enter the amount the player wants to withdraw.
Withdrawal fee: This section will be automatically filled in depending on the amount and bank the player chooses.
Withdrawal password: Enter the password created in step 2.
Finally, click “Submit” to complete the withdrawal process. Wait for the dealer to confirm the payment invoice and you will receive the money in your bank account within 3 – 5 minutes. Maximum 10 minutes.
milyon88 withdrawal


With the notes and regulations on Milyon88 withdrawals that I have shared above, hopefully, you can make the payment process smoothly and safely. If customers have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our customer care department through the 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT


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