Privacy and Security on Milyon88, we, our, us denotes FUN EXTREME N. V., an incorporated entity formed under the laws of Curaçao with registration number 158218 (0), having the CMD as its main address: Abraham de Veerstra In most cases, your information is safe on computers in Curacao as well as elsewhere.


If you are worried about how Milyon88 handles your info or would like more information, please email our Data Protection Officer at INFO @Milyon88.online.


You provide this information when registering, betting, or using the website. Use of some portions of our website and its services requires this info when this data is collected.

  • Visit https://milyon88.online/, and sign up.
  • Do it willingly when utilizing the site.
  • Public disclosures of private information on website spaces.
  • Make sure you hand it over to our customer services officers when you speak to them.

This is for bills and children’s safety, so it is vital. You can contact Customer Support to amend and update your personal information in their records. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that these results are for internal purposes, and we will never sell any data obtained to external clients.


We want to ensure that our site is user-friendly and that we can get on the net at www.Milyon88.online . However, we do not track individuals down; we only get to know what they do there. Our server separately tracks each user who accesses our services. This log contains data on the user’s source I.P. address, access time, access on a specific date, pages viewed, language preference, software crash reports, and type of browser used. The information is vital in ensuring that we offer the best and enhance our service delivery.

The information includes:

  • Your name
  • Name and first letter
  • Your birthday
  • Email handle
  • Address of residence
  • Telephone line
  • Address for billing
  • Proof of identification
  • Documents showing proof of address
  • History of transactions
  • How you like to use the website
  • Any other details you give us while using our sites
  • Information about a credit or debit card or another way to pay


We use cookies on Milyon88.online  to make our site as useful as possible for you. For more information, visit our Cookie privacy and security.


The following groups describe how we use your Personal Information for privacy and security:

  • Offering requested goods or services.
  • Delivering to you as a customer – providing you with what you wanted.
  • Being law-abiding or following the rules and regulations that govern us.
  • Monitoring what is happening with our website.
  • Giving you business information.

Why personal data is collected affects rights. Finally, the following section details each area and boldly lists your rights:

  • We will deliver our product and service.
  • We utilize your data to help you use all web resources, register your account, play at our online casinos, and get customer service.
  • Refer to the Part on Sharing information for how we may share your data with contracted organizations to improve our products and services.
  • It consists of those things to be done to offer the services to you or if you enroll yourself with us.
  • If you do not want us to use your data this way, you may opt out of our services and close an account.


Milyon88.online privacy and security will rely on either I.D. or proof of address to update their records about you. We do this to ensure that our users are not prone to scamming and maintain acceptable gambling practices.

At any point, we may verify that the details provided during registration are accurate and in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and any law. This review may include ordering credit reports that compare the information in them with those of other agencies and records.

We are legally obliged, and we must do this to operate lawfully and responsibly, providing our goods and services as required by law. While doing this, we should remember that we would only be able to assist. If you do not wish to provide your data that way, you can stop using our services or close your account.


  • We may give your Personal Data to outside parties.
  • If forced by law or regulation to disclose your personal information.
  • To make this policy’s or any other agreement’s rules stick;
  • Third-party software providers are one example of a company that helps us give you the goods and services you want;
  • If we find that you cheated or tried to cheat us or other service users in any way, including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, we will block your account.
  • For study purposes on how to stop people from becoming addicted (this will keep information will be kept secret).
  • To keep us, our customers, and other people safe and protect their rights, property, or rights; and
  • Places where you have permitted us to do so.


Security and the required steps for maintaining information safely are crucial. We have an encrypted and password-protected database where we store your personal information like passwords and others. Our secure system has incorporated this database, protected by an advanced firewall. Our services use the SSL version TLS 1.2 with 256 bits of security. In addition, we demand proper behavior from our affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, and suppliers.