Fish Game – Tips For Playing

Fish Game Guide

Fish game have been attracting players in online casinos because of it’s simplicity and straightforward mechanics. This casino game can easily be learned because of its simple mechanics, even new players can enjoy this game. Fish games are very engaging and rewarding at the same time, to maximize your earnings it is important to know the game and strategize.

Fish Game Intro

What is Fish Game

Fish game casino is a type of casino game that requires shooting down fish for rewards. There are different fishes that swims around the table, smaller ones are typically easier to catch but relatively have smaller payouts. Catching bigger and rare fishers will require a lot of bullets, however, these fishers have big payouts. 

When the game starts the fishes begin to swim across the table. You will need to select and aim the cannon direction to the fish you want to shoot down. The amount of bullet is based on your deposited funds. You may also use special weapons or power ups to shoot down fish efficiently, however, the cost is relatively higher. So it is important not to miss a shot, and focus on a specific target instead of randomly shooting down fishes and not gaining any rewards. 

Fish Game Strategies

Take advantage fo Trial Mode

You will never fully understand a game until you play it. There are online casino platforms that let players experience the game in trial mode like Milyon88. By playing in trial mode you will be able to see how the game is played, the amount of bullets to take down a target, and more. This mode will help you strategies how will you play the game for more rewards.

Shoot down at the group of fish

The odds of landing a successful hit are lower when aiming at an individual large fish. Wait for the fish to gather as this will improve your accuracy significantly.  It may take time to see a school of fish on the table so you need to be patient for larger payouts.

Ammunition amount

The amount of your bullets depends on your deposited funds and income. The higher the stake the higher payout will be. You will need plenty of bullets if you are aiming for large fish for more payouts.

Take Advantage Of Gameplay Feature

One of the very useful features of the fish game is Auto Aim. This locks onto the target, the cannons shoot at the target while following its movement. There are also Power Ups and Bet Multiplier which allow you to deal significant damage at a target in exchange for a higher stake.

Look out of Bonus Targets

Bonus targets are rare but they are full of rewards. This fisher frequently appears in the game so it’s important to focus on them. The rewards for catching this fish are significantly higher so you must pay attention.

Fish Game Paytable

Aim for Large Fish

The goal is to earn more and this is possible by targeting larger fishes. Larger fish tend to have higher health which means that you need to spend an amount of bullets.  Larger fish are harder to kill but they provide you with an immense amount of rewards instead of catching small fish.


There are effective strategies that you can implement to enhance your chances of winning big payouts. Nonetheless, you need to fully understand the mechanics of the fish shooting casino game before you start playing. Understand the different fish payouts so you will know what to target.  Fish game is fun and exciting and rewarding at the same time.