Cricket – Mastering the Gentleman’s Game


Also known as the “Gentleman’s Game,” cricket is a highly traditional, strategic, and talented sport. Millions around the world play and adore this sport, which combines physical ability with teamwork as well as some thought. If you are previously uninitiated to the world of cricket and digest a whiff, or parceling, as it is called in England, then this primer on the game will help unlock its basic rules. So let’s get back to the basics and learn how to play cricket.

Understanding Cricket Basics

  • The Playing Field: In general, cricket game are played on an oval field with a rectangular 22-yard pitch in the middle. At either end of the pitch are stumps, which consist of three vertical posts topped by bails.
  • Teams and Players: Each team in a typical live cricket match consists of 11 players. Teams alternate turns as the batting and bowling/fielding sides.
  • Objective of the Game: The main objective in cricket is to score more runs than the opposing team. The batting team scores runs by hitting the ball and running between the stumps.

Playing Cricket Game


The batsman’s goal is to score runs by hitting the ball that the opposing team bowls.
Batsmen can protect their wickets (the stumps behind them) by scoring runs through running between the stumps or hitting boundaries (four times as much for four, six times as such).

Cricket Bowling

  • To dismiss batsmen, bowlers aim to bowl the ball at or near them so that it hits the stumps or forces a mistake.
  • The many different types of deliveries—fast bowls, spin bowls, and swing balls—add strategic depth to the game.


  • Backing up Fielders try to stop the ball and prevent runs from being scored by returning it to a stump or wicketkeeper.
  • In the field, teamwork and communication are raised to critical levels. Add on top a more strategic positioning of players with an eye toward dismissing batsmen as quickly as possible.


The batsmen score runs when they:

  • Hit the ball and run between the stumps.
  • A hit to the boundary brings 4 or 6 runs.
  • Extras (byes, leg byes, wides, and no-balls) also add to the team’s score.


  • A batsman is out when the bowler hits his stumps or a fielder catches the ball in flight.
  • Once ten wickets have fallen, a team’s innings are over.


Cricket rewards skill, strategy, and teamwork. For a beginner, sticking to the basics will lay firm groundwork for enjoyment and improvement. If you wish to play more enthusiastically with friends or even want to represent your country at the Olympics one day, then knowing the rules and practicing regularly will enable you to discover many of its subtle facets. Well, get a bat and put on your whites; go out onto the field to taste that pleasure that is playing live cricket—the gentleman’s game.

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